Full-Service Compliance

Established in 2004, Domani Consulting, Inc. is a private full-service compliance firm offering a variety of services that benefit owners and developers. The company is a leader in understanding the developments in the NYC Building Code and its protocols, with qualified staff to meet the needs of its clients. Domani Consulting provides compliance services which include filing and approval of plans, signing-off applications, and obtaining Temporary Certificate of Occupancy/Certificate of Occupancy for Alt 1 or New Building Applications.


  • Pre-construction services such as code review and pre-consideration services
  • Specialize in ancillary agency work such as DEP Sewer Connection & TAP letters; DOT logistics, OCMC and permits; landmarks Certificate of No Effect; Certificate of Appropriateness; Fire Department, Fire Alarm & Fire Safety Plan Approval
  • Preparation and filing of documents required for NBs, Alt 1, Alt 2 and Alt 3s for with the DOB
  • Permits (DOB, DOT)
  • Project management and coordination with all government agencies
  • Violation review and resolution (ECB, DOB, FDNY)
  • Directive 14 Self Certification
  • Handle specialty filings such as plumbing, sprinkler, boiler and Fire Department for licensed contractors
  • C of O and TCO process: coordinate sign-offs and inspections for TCO; bring TCO to C of O
  • Tenant Protection Plans
  • Any temporary construction plans


Executive Leadership

Jane Webster
Sr. Vice President of Consulting

As Sr. Vice President of Consulting, Jane Webster is responsible for ensuring that all work complies with the applicable codes and regulations of the NYC Department of Buildings and all other government agencies. With over 15 years of experience, Jane supervises a team of seasoned expediters dealing with all filing and plan review, code and zoning analysis, violations, permits, obtaining certificates of occupancy and sign-offs, as well as construction-related compliance operations.

Robert Tymecki
Vice President of Compliance

Robert Tymecki has been with Domani Consulting since 2004. As the Vice President of Compliance, Robert works with Jane Webster to manage all compliance projects. Robert manages Domani’s team of expediters to ensure that all filings, permits, violations, & construction related issues are taken care of in a proper & timely fashion as well as to the clients’ satisfaction. Robert has extensive experience working with all city regulatory agencies on projects ranging from minor alterations to high-rise New Buildings throughout the five boroughs.

Connie Torto
Executive Project Manager

As Executive Project Manager Connie works with Developers and Contractors on the full range of compliance projects throughout all phases of construction.  Connie has over 14 years with Domani Consulting and has worked hand in hand with the Department of Buildings and other city agencies on many major projects.  She is charged with overseeing all Certificate of Occupancy projects and various other specialty projects.